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We are the production company that makes the exhibition feasible in Spain.
Our imagination makes us different. We create experiences that bring people closer to art and create unique links. That is why we are the alternative to the conventional experience of great art. That is why we are Art Apart.
Aesthetics, culture, and a mixture of academic rigor and creativity determine what we do, and the experiences that we want to share with you. We open the art world with technology so that the spectator can enjoy it with all their senses. We rely on total immersion as the best way to bring the best art of all time to today’s public. We want to “democratise” art, make it possible for everyone to enjoy it in an attractive, affordable and interesting way.
In Art Apart, each exposition, each project is born from the need to experiment in the first person, to see and live on the edge. We are art and technology. We create unforgettable experiences.

Our technical partner, Front Pictures, has over 20 years of experience in innovative A/V presentations, and has won many international prizes for their work.
Their clients include Disney, Coca-Cola, Eurovision, or BMW among many others.
Front Pictures offer us the perfect platform to transmit the intense passion that was the reality of these great artists.
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