A journey through impressionism by the hand of its most outstanding artists: the best works of ten masters of painting at your disposal



Submerge yourself in the greatest immersive experience of impressionism. IMPRESSIONISTS, the exhibition that brings the bets of the movement than changed art. It does it in a fascinating and engaging way: it’s images in movement synchronized with evolving music that makes you feel immerse in painting that come to live. In IMPRESSIONISTS you are allowed to do what is forbidden in any museum: feel the paintings very close. The explanatory audio that goes with the projection helps you to obtain the most of it and to not  miss any detail without any effort.

More than 1,000 masterpieces are projected thanks to last generation technology on giant screens 4 m high and up to 24 m wide so you can appreciate the technique and the genius of impressionists. They reflected open spaces, light and colour, without hiding any brushstroke. More than 400 m of art.

Kids have special activities for them, fostering an early and fun contact with art. Youngsters also finds here the perfect place for their Instagram posts. IMPRESSIONISTS is an immersive exhibition for any age.

Performances begin every 45 minutes

(40 minutes)

Come on in, adapt your eyes to the faint light, traverse the room admiring the paintings and let yourself flow with the surrounding music and the story that will walk with you all through your immersion. We warn you that you can find yourself humming or your feet can take a couple of dance steps before you notice, while looking at the projections. If you’d rather do so, you can also take a seat or confortably lean back and allow the charm of impressionism to unfold before your eyes. Whichever option you may choose, just enjoy this multi-sensorial journey to the heart of impressionism.



Who can resist a good photocall? Beware that one of the main features of impresionism is the ability to use light, so you will look great on this picture! As much as to frame it! Clean properly the lense of your cell pone and immortalize your visit. Let the world know you’ve visited the coolest and most appealing exhibition of the season in Valencia. Post your pictures and don’t forget to tag us

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“Art is emotion, if it has to be explained, it’s no longer art”

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

“Everything is beautiful, what’s important is to interpret it.”

Camile Pissarro

“A work of art that did not originate in emotion is not art”

Paul Cezanne

“I dream my painting, and I paint my dream”

Vincent Van Gogh

The paintings come alive in a sensory journey

Huge screens 4 m high and up to 24 m long

With spectacular surroundsound

The largest immersive experience in the master works of the impressionist movement

For Art Apart the health of our customers is vital. Our installations respect all security measures, and our personnel has been trained in anti-Covid measures and will ensure a safe visit to our exposition.